Which travel tips apply to road trips?

March 27, 2024

Road Trips may sound Exciting and Adventurous, but not everyone’s cup of tea. If you love road trips and like long drives, you can plan for many exciting road trips in India like Delhi-Manali-Ladakh-Srinagar -Delhi, Spiti Tour, Silk Route, Delhi to Goa, Bombay to Goa and many others. People nowadays plan India to Abroad Routes Too.

It needs immense love for drives, exploring even the smallest and roughest routes. Many compromises and patience for such road trips. With travelling only you get to know about yourself what you like and what not.

You must know that good company makes a road trip enjoyable so Solo Travel has its fun. If you ask me which is better I am Not the right person to ask this question but you are. You need to try, fail and learn. Not everything is as perfect as it looks on social media.

Following are some tips if you want to go for a road trip:

  1. Start with Small routes and small drives.
  2. Preplan your itinerary prior only.
  3. If you are planning for a long journey the first time make sure you have a good route Plan.
  4. Use GPS and maps
  5. Always get a vehicle well serviced and in perfect condition to drive.
  6. While packing for the trip, make sure you pack all essentials like a first aid kit, spare tire, jack, jumper cables, flashlight, basic tools, and necessary documents (driver’s license, registration, insurance).
  7. Pack comfortable clothing according to season, climate and place weather conditions you are travelling to and you’ll be crossing by or planning to halt at.
  8. Stay informed about weather conditions before the trip only.
  9. Pre-plan your stop location and book your stays in advance.
  10. Carry Some snacks & water bottles with you.
  11. Make a list of general over-the-counter medicines or if you are on specific medicines for the number of days you are travelling.
  12. Take all the necessary permits if required.
  13. Stay Connected with family and friends regularly.
  14. Make a note of emergency locations in the GPS/Map like hospitals, mechanics, medical stores, Gas (fuel) stations & other emergency places.
  15. If you are travelling to a place with limited Gas stations carry extra fuel and basic tools and puncture kits.

    I hope this helps you & if you are seeking any help you can contact me on my profile.

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