How has the Atal Tunnel changed our Lahaul-Spiti road trip experience?

March 21, 2023

I would say Atal Tunnel has changed our Lahaul-Spiti road trip experience a lot. Before Atal Tunnel Lahaul Spiti was a dream for lot of people because it used to take 2 days just to reach Spiti and you need more days just to cover few places.

Now it is very easy to travel to Lahaul – Spiti via Atal Tunnel, even you can explore Lahaul and come back to Manali on the same day.

Places to visit at Lahaul – Spiti: Sissu Vilage, Sissu Waterfall, Sissu Lake, Chandra River, Keylong, Triloknath Temple, Kaza Village, Kaza Market, Key Monastery, Hikkim Village, Komic Village and more.

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